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Evening Colleges, Part time Bcom Course college in Bangalore - Surana Evening College

GDA Foundation

The Doctorine of life

The tenet of Jain philosophy 'Service to Mankind' is basic to the functioning of the Surana Educational Institutions. The Jain doctrine believes in sound morals and establishment of close relationship between happiness and goodness. Jainism believes that the youth shall be made aware of, and alive to, the higher values of life and to a steadfast pursuit of these values.

It is his vision of providing various platforms for the youth to learn and imbibe the quality of service and leadership through which, they would be empowered to give back to society, whatever they owe.

G.C. Surana

GDA Foundation Objectives

The Foundation started in 1993 as a family Trust by the initiative and vision of Sri. G.C. Surana, industrialist, entrepreneur and visionary who committed himself for the cause and welfare of society.


The Surana Experience

About Us

Surana Evening College of Commerce & Management, affiliated to Bangalore University was established in the year 2011 and the same was inaugurated on 27th June 2011. The Commerce & Management course at the College has the avowed goal of “Learn – while – you – Earn”. The main purpose of opening this Evening College is to impart Commerce and Management education to all those who are deprived of day long education.

Surana Evening College of Commerce & Management is an extended wing of the most reputed and widely acclaimed Surana Educational Group. This Evening College caters to the education needs of those who are working for their livelihood and who have an earnest desire to pursue higher studies by becoming graduates in Commerce and Management streams. At present the College runs B.Com degree course of three years duration. It augurs well for us to state that our Evening College is affiliated to Bangalore University and the course is recognized by the same. The University permitted for an intake of 60 students per academic year.

The able stewardship of Sri. Dilip ji Surana and Mrs. Archana ji Surana, the Managing Trustee, an embodiment of ultimo guidance and advice for participatory style of leadership have been the guiding force. The contribution of staff from the experienced Day College to our institution is not only enormous but also is continuing through valuable suggestions and guidance.



Educational sector is taking rigorous turns these days in quite short periods of time. The phenomenon is global and it becomes important for every player in the sector to respond to the changes in order to stay in the field and continue to contribute. Particularly, institutes of higher education have an extended responsibility of instilling societal concern in their student community.

Our institution has the uncanny advantage of the group of professionals who ensure quality in what they do and make it happen, steadily and silently. The youth aspiring for higher learning enter into our institution to fulfill the objectives that we chalk out. This gives immense satisfaction and further motivates us to participate in the process of higher education.

Dilip Surana
Chairman, GDA Foundation


Managing Trustee

Let me first recognize the contribution of our student community in realizing what our institution aspires for. Their adherence to learning keeps my team on their toes to fulfill the obligations. I should thank the industry and society alike for accepting our ever zealous graduates with open arms. The patronage by all our well wishers has increased our responsibility that our elders have bestowed on us and I reaffirm that we are committed in that aspect. I am sure that the healthy and innovative practices by our institution will ensure realize the goals what every stakeholder with us seeks.

Archana Surana
Managing Trustee, GDA Foundation



Students are expected to unleash their potential in view of challenges in the Nation thereby enlightening themselves through quality education. With a view to energize the work force to acquire multi skills, the Evening College emphasizes on imparting quality education so as to ensure the students to face the prevailing challenges of the nation. Through our Student Enrichment Activity, concerted efforts are made persistently to herald the noble cause of education. At the Evening College, it is a commitment to ensure discipline, devotion and dedication by the students for leading enlightened life.

Sri R. Nagabhushanaradhya


Surana FAQ's

When and where should I compulsorily wear my Identity Card?

A. Inside the classrooms and as long as you are in the entire college premises, right from the entry to exit.

Q. Whom to approach on losing I.D. Card?

A. A Student has to apply by paying a nominal fee with the office to avail fresh card by a fortnight.