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Course Overview

The Bachelor of Arts course in Surana College offers a comprehensive study on a range of subjects related to Humanities. The course allows a flexible approach to studying humanities, social sciences and languages. Humanities deal with the histories, literatures and cultures of human civilisation, while social sciences study sociology, anthropology, political behaviours and other forms of human behaviour and organisation. This degree provides a rare chance to explore your passions, interests and ambitions. Students who complete this degree will be well suited to meet the challenges of a modern 21st-century workplace, where specialisation, creativity, logic and critical argument come to fore. It also enables you to become an independent thinker, to form and articulate judgements based on analysis and evidence. Studying Arts equips you for every aspect of life. Accordingly, our graduates are in demand from a broad range of employers, with career options as varied as the degree itself. Our alumni are invariably known for their ability to think outside the box, communicate effectively, research diligently, and synthesise complex information to reach their goals.

To help students decide on higher studies or choose different career options, Surana College offers three different subject-combinations under the BA stream:


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Short Term Courses

  1. TWO LEVELS IN FRENCH- a Certificate course for I Year and II Year Tourism students
  2. SHORT TERM PHOTOSHOP CERTIFICATE- course for students of Journalism & Tourism

Forums and Clubs

  • ENGLISH LITERARY CLUB - organises seminars, guest lectures, workshops, field visits & competitions
  • DEBATE CLUB - focuses on developing debating skills and organising debate activities
  • FILM CLUB- screens theme based meaningful and popular cinema and documentaries
  • ENGLISH WALL-MAG'Words & Afterwords'- a monthly magazine planned and executed by student groups
  • INGITHA CLUB- The department of Psychology organises activities such as competitions, seminars, guest lectures, field visits and internships.
  • PSYCHE JOURNAL- The Wall-mag is updated weekly with a predefined criteria
  • FIELD VISITS- The department of Tourism conducts regular visits to tourism fairs and education tours.
  • WORLD TOURISM DAY- celebrated with lectures from eminent industry representatives and intercollegiate fest.
  • POLITICOS CLUB- Department of Political science conducts several activities under the POLITICOS club which established in the year 2013.
  • JOURNALISM WALL MAG – REPORTER'S DESK - a monthly departmental magazine
  • SURANA TIMES - A college in-house publication released by the department of Journalism

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Elective Options

BA – HEP (History-Economics-Political Science)

This evergreen and popular combination is most suited for IAS & KAS aspirants as well as others preparing for competitive entrance exams such as those for government services. Those interested in pursuing higher studies in any of the three subjects can also opt for this combination.

BA – HTJ (History-Tourism-Journalism)

The entire Journalism fraternity relies heavily on skills related to communication, knowledge, quick reflexes, information gathering and assimilation. Combined with a dynamic approach to the academic study of Tourism, this combination is ideal for students planning for not only careers in the different streams of media, but also different branches of Tourism. Industry exposure is given to students through rigorous internship programmes in Media houses such as Print, Electronic Media and Radio.

BA – JOP (Journalism-Optional English-Psychology)

A very dynamic and challenging combination, apart from pursuing Masters in any of the three subjects, this stream offers several career options. Both Journalism and Psychology are vast subjects that allow students to explore their areas of interest. Career opportunities in Psychology are given a huge boost through internships in Manasa Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Cadabams' Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre, Spastics Society of Karnataka, Spandana Nursing Home and others. Optional English, a comprehensive study of literatures in English from across the world, grooms students to recognise variety in language, develop analytical skills and study the psychological aspects in all human behaviour.


  1. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND PSYCHOLOGY organized an Inter-collegiate Seminar on "Literary Analysis of Psychological Concepts: An Interdisciplinary Approach" on 7th October 2014. The event was presided over by Prof. Mala Sridhara, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Dr. JayagowriShivakumar, Associate Professor, Department of English, NMKRV College for Women.
  2. DEBATE CLUB conducted a workshop on DEBATING METHODS & ETIQUETTES
  3. POLITICOS CLUB organised the following activities
    • Visit to VidhanaSabha on 26th February 2014 with B.A (HEP) Students & Faculties
    • Screened movie "MATRUBHOOMI": A NATION WITHOUT WOMEN on 14th July, 2014. The movie is based on female foeticide and infanticide
    • Screened a movie "INDIA UNTOUCHED - STORIES OF A PEOPLE APART" an award winning documentary by Stalin K on 16th July 2014.
    • Celebrated Nelson Mandela's Birth Anniversary on 19th July 2014.
    • Conducted a seminar on The Indian Constitution on 25th and 29th September 2014 where students presented papers
    • Organized seminar on 'HUMAN RIGHTS' on 9th October, 2014. The Speaker of the seminar was Mr. Mathew Philips, Coordinator of SICHREM.
  5. INGITHA CLUB organized a WALKATHON in association with the YOUTH PRO VOLUNTEERS of the positive psychology unit of NIMHANS on 26th September 2014. The aim was to spread the awareness of positive mental health.
  6. DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY conducted several activities for students like Paper presentation, Model Making etc.,


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Activities of Psychology Department - Paper PresentationField visit to Cadabam's Psychosocial Rehabilitation CentreInter-Collegiate Seminar on "Literary Analysis of Psychological Concepts - Prize DistributionsInter-collegiate Seminar on "Literary Analysis of Psychological Concepts - Student Seminar Psychology Department Activity - Model MakingRelease of SURANA TIMES Students displaying placards during the WALKATHON Students' Paper Presentation during Seminar on The Indian Constitution Seminar of Human Rights Visit to Vidhana Soudha on Republic DayWALKATHON BY Ingitha Club
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