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Top Rank MCA College in Bangalore

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

MCA is a three year program and started in the year 2000. The current intake of the program is 60. The program is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Bangalore University.

The educational objective of the MCA program is to enable the students to have a holistic and all round grooming, to be a thorough professional in the field of IT. The students are trained to have a sound foundation in the fundamentals of computer technology, a high level of practical skill in the use of that technology and at the same time, be sensitive to the issues prevailing in the society.

The Alumni of the department are all well placed in good positions of the major IT companies in India and abroad.

The Practical Teaching aids are used to improve technical skills of the students. These exercises include lab procedures and questions, project works which will reinforce important concepts, build student confidence and make the most of valuable lab time. Lab observation, practical records and reports to build the students talent are maintained in the lab.


  • Course duration is 3 Yrs
  • Recognized Bachelor's Degree of minimum 3 Yrs duration with Mathematics at 10+2 level or at Graduate Level.
  • Obtained at least 50% (45% in case of candidate belonging to reserved category) at the qualifying Examination

The candidates applying for government quota must appear for PGCET conducted by the Government of Karnataka. The candidates applying under management quota shall appear for College level entrance test or National Level Entrance test or Karnataka K-MAT test.

Salient Features of the Department

  • Counseling and Career guidance
  • Field visits and Internship project training
  • Well equipped MCA labs
  • Various licensed software's.
  • Internet access Wi-fi Connectivity
  • Well stacked Library
  • Workshops and Guest Lecturers
  • Soft Skills Development Programs(KWEC)
  • Placement Support
  • Mentorship
  • Continuous evaluation
  • Support for Co curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Personality encompasses a number of factors like - The way we look; the way we dress; the way we talk; the way we listen; the way we act; our habits; our philosophy of life; our versatility; our willingness to help others etc.



University Ranks

University Ranks
  • Miss CHAITHRA. P of MCA(2013 -2016) bagged First Rank in Bangalore University
University Ranks
  • SHRUTHI B R of MCA(2012-15) bagged 1st Rank in Bangalore University.
University Ranks
  • Swati Kanodia (2009 – 2012 batch) bagged I Rank in Bangalore University and also two Gold Medals are Late Sri.N.Rama Rao Gold Medal and Prof. Dr. P.K. Srimani Gold Medal
University Ranks
  • Managing Trustee Mrs. Archana Surana felicitating with Medal and Cash prize to Swati Kanodia (2009 – 2012) for achieving Gold Medal and I Rank in Bangalore University.
University Ranks
  • Swethambari .L (2009 – 2012) - III Rank in Bangalore university.
University Ranks
  • Radha .T (2007 – 2010) - V Rank in Bangalore university.
University Ranks
  • Thulasi Poreddy ( 2005 – 2008) - V Rank in Bangalore university.


University Ranks


Ms. Chaitra P

University Ranks
  • Won 3rd place in 10th Sr.National Woodball Championship, which was held in "Ghaziabad" Uttar Pradesh on 27th Dec 2012 to 29th Dec 2012.
  • Won 1st place in Handball Bangalore University inter collegiate competitions during the year 2013.
  • Won 1st place in UVems group, Inter college cricket tournament 2013, League match was held at Chandrapur, and knock match in Chandrapur East point College from 2nd April 2013 to 7th April 2013.

Mr. Venkatesh Prasad

University Ranks
  • Won Gold Medal in ALL INDIA INTER UNIVERSITY Badminton Tournament -2007
  • Won Silver Medal in ALL INDIA INTER UNIVERSITY Badminton Tournament - 2008.
  • Participated in National Games held at RANCHI, India and won a BRONZE MEDAL for performance in individual and doubles category.
  • He has also won many state ranking tournaments
  • He is playing international tournaments like indian open , maldives international and thailand, etc…
  • In the Current seniors Karnataka state ranking 2012, he is # 2 in singles.
  • In the Current seniors Karnataka state ranking 2012, he is # 2 in doubles

Mr. Balaji .O

University Ranks
  • Represented Karnataka State in Hand ball during 2010-11.
  • Intercollege Bangalore University Handball Tournament Runners (2011).
  • Intercollege Bangalore University Handball Tournament Winners (2013)

Course Schedule

1st Year

1st Semester
SI Title
1. Problem Solving Techniques using C
2. Accounting and Financial Management
3. Digital Electronics and Microprocessor
4. Discrete Mathematics
5. C Programming Lab
6. Accounting Lab
2nd Semester
SI Title
1. Data Structures
2. Database Management System
3. Computer Networks
4. Operating System
5. Data Structures Lab
6. DBMS Lab

2nd Year

3rd Semester
SI Title
1. File Structures
2. Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML
3. Theory of Computation
4. Statistical Analysis
5. File Structures Lab
6. Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML Lab
7. Soft Core – Quantitative, Teaching and Research Aptitude
4th Semester
SI Title
1. Advanced Java Programming
2. Advanced Algorithms
3. Advanced Software Engineering
4. Quantitative Techniques
5. Advanced Java Programming Lab
6. Advanced Algorithms Lab
7. Soft Core – Soft Skills and Personality Development

3rd Year

5th Semester
SI Title
1. Advanced Web Programming
2. Advanced Database Management Systems
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Open Elective
5. Advanced Web Programming Lab
6. Mini Project
6th Semester
SI Title
1. Elective – I
2. Elective – II
3. Main Project

List of Electives

SI Title
1. Distributed Operating Systems
2. Software Testing
3. Parallel Algorithms
4. Compiler Design
5. Multimedia Communication
6. e-Governance
7. Image processing
8. Mobile Computing
9. TCP / IP
10. Cloud Computing
11. Storage Area Network
12. Data Mining
13. Big Data Analytics
14. Mobile computing

Programs conducted

MCA Sur Sangram Fest 2015

On 28th November 2015, our students organized the 7th INTER COLLEGIATE IT FEST "SUR SANGRAM – 2015". The Fest focuses on the theme of managing the technical skills, apart providing your students a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talents in cultural activities.

SUR SANGRAM is a forum for the young, zestful, creative, potential technical professionals of tomorrow, who contribute their ideas, views, and vision for INDIA. More than 200 students from various institutions offering Computer Application as its course are expected to be a part of this annual event.
The students of the Department organized the events under the guidance of faculty members. Events conducted such as Quiz, Coding & Debugging, Toggle & Jam and Panel Discussion.

SI Date Resource Person/persons Topic
1. 01/04/2017 Mr. Bharath, e-magazine
2. 17/03/2017 Mrs. Sunderlatha, Asst. Vice President, SONATA Software Competency based framework
3. 7/03/2017 Mr. Ravindra K, Ekalavya Univeris, Bangalore C and C++
4. 14/03/2016 to 16/03/2016 Mr. Phalani Rajan[KWEC Program] Soft Skills Training
5. 28/02/2015 Mr. Gunashekar, Fidelity Investments Cloud Computing
6. 12/03/2016 Mrs. Sunderlatha, Asst. Vice President, SONATA Software Digital Transformation Buzzwords
7. 05/03/2016 Mr. Rafiuddin Shaik, Team Lead, Robert Bosch Engineering Latest Trends & Challenges in IT
8. 28/02/2015 Mr. Gunashekar, Fidelity Investments Cloud Computing
9. 21/02/2015 Mr. Venkatraghavan, Nischintha Technology Operating System
10. 29/01/2015 Ms. Rekha, HR Manager, Riversand
Carrier Prospects
in Testing
11. 24/01/2015 Mr. Ravi D Katagiri, Founder & CTO
of Smac Info Labz Pvt. Ltd.
Current Trends in IT
12. 11/11/2014
Mr. Palani, KWEC Soft Skills
13. 14/10/2014 to
Mr. Palani, KWEC Soft Skills
14. 15/11/2014 Manjunath Kikkeri , Senior Manager,
Thomsan Reuters
Emerging Technologies
15. 26/08/2014 Prof. Vijay .J Problem Solving & Decision Making
16. 25/08/2014 Dr. Srikanta Success is all about
17. 22/08/2014 Mr. Vinod Prabhu Leadership development Training
18. 20/08/2014 Dr. Raja Ram Ethics and Values
19. 20/08/2014 Mr. Kishore Jagirdar Managing the change from Under Graduation to Post Graduation
20. 18/08//2014 Mr. Ajith Chakravathi Advanced Trends in IT Technology
21. 23/05/2014 Dr. S Rama Murthy, Head – IPR, Centre for Emerging Technologies, Jain University, Bangalore.
Dr. Bindu Sharma, Founder and CEO, Origiin IP Solutions, Bangalore
"Innovation Management & Intellectual Property Rights"
22 25/04/2014 Dr. Chandrashekhar ,Senior Consultant, INFOSYS "Artificial Intelligence-It's role in Management & Psychology"
23. 11/04/2014 Dr. U.N.Lakshman, D.Litt, Management Professor "Leadership"
24. 04/04/2014
  • Mr. Jinendra Kangavi, Superintendent of Police
  • Mr. Akhil Biraj, MD, JICE
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar, Academin Director, JICE
  • Mr. Balaji D K, Faculty, JICE
" Civil Service Examinations"
25. 28/03/2014 Mr. Chakradhari Rowe
Entrepreneur coach & co-founder of Tiger,
Gen Y Awakening India (An Initiative of Tiger)
"Youth Entrepreneurship "
26. 23/03/2014 Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra
Professor & Head (CSE),
Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Indore
"IT Applications in Business"


Sl. No.NameQualificationDesignationExp
1 Dr. K R Anil Kumar MCA, Ph.D Director-MCA 17yrs
2 Prof.A.Srinivas MSc(Electronics), M.C.A, (Ph.D) HOD, MCA 26yrs
3 Mrs. Mithili Devi M.C.A, M.Phil Asst. Prof 14yrs
4 Mr. K. Balaji M.C.A, (PhD) Asst. Prof 12yrs
5 Mrs. Pratima B M.Sc, M.Phil Asst. Prof 10yrs
6 Mrs. Bharathi Ramesh M.C.A, M.Tech(IT) Asst. Prof 10yrs
7 Mr. Chandan Hegde BE, M.Tech(CSE) Asst. Prof 3yrs
8 Mrs. Vidya A M.C.A Asst. Prof 16yrs
9 Mr. Srinivas Rao M.Sc(CS), M.Sc(Maths) Asst. Prof 17yrs
10 Mrs. Padmageetha B.G M.C.A Asst. Prof 13yrs
11 Mrs. Geetha A.M M.Sc (CS), M.Phil Asst. Prof 9yrs
12 Mrs. Shravani B M.C.A Asst. Prof 7yrs


1 15 February 2017 Wednesday Commencement of classes for  6th, 4th and 2nd sem
2 18 February 2017 Saturday Submission of synopsis for 6th sem
3 28 February 2017 Tuesday Celebration of "National science day"
4 04 March 2017 Saturday First Review
5 07 March 2017 Tuesday Seminar on "C &C++" by , K. Ravindra,Ekalavya Universys, Bangalore
6 09 March 2017 Thursday Sadhana Meeting for the academic year       2016-17
7 11 March 2017 Saturday Seminar on "Spingo
8 17 March 2017 Friday "SADHANA INAGURAUTION"
9 23 March 2017 Thursday Sadhana-Event "TECHNO-REVOLUTION"
10 31 March 2017 Friday Sadhana-Event "MYSTIFY"
11 01 April 2017 Saturday Second reviewfor 6th sem/Seminar on "  "by Bharath GC,
IU eMagazine
12 03 March 2017 Monday Internal Exams - 1 
13 04 April 2017 Tuesday Internal Exams - 1 
14 05 April 2017 Wednesday Internal Exams - 1 
15 06 April 2017 Thursday   Internal Exams - 1 / Sadhana Event "ESPONAL"
16 07 April 2017 Friday Internal Exams - 1 
17 13 April 2017 Thursday    Sadhana Event "IMPERSARIO"
18 20 April 2017 Thursday  Sadhana Event "NEWS COVERAGE"
19 27 April 2017 Thursday  Sadhana Event "COMPARING TECHNOLOGY"
20 02 May 2017 Tuesday Internal Exams - 2
21 03 May 2017 Wednesday Internal Exams - 2
22 04 May 2017 Thursday  Internal Exams - 2/Sadhana Event "COLLOQUIUM"
23 05 May 2017 Friday Internal Exams - 2
24 06 May 2017 Saturday Demo of the project for 6th sem/Internal Exams - 2
25 11 May 2017 Thursday  Sadhana Event "MAGAZINE MANIA"
26 13 May 2017 Saturday Submission of final document for 6th sem
27 18 May 2017 Thursday  Sadhana Event "JOB HUNTING"
28 29 May 2017 Monday Prefinal Exams
29 30 May 2017 Tuesday Prefinal Exams
30 31 May 2017 Wednesday Prefinal Exams
31 01 June 2017 Thursday Prefinal Exams
32 02 June 2017 Friday Prefinal Exams
33 03 June 2017 Saturday Model Practical Exams
34 05 June 2017 Monday Model Practical Exams

Tentative Dates for Examinations:

University Practicals & theory Examinations

Seminar for this semester will be arranged based on the availability of the speaker

MCA College in Bangalore

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