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PG Courses in Bangalore

PG Courses Overview

Surana College, PG Department, is a part of the Surana Group of Institutions started 16 years ago in Bangalore, India, by the leading industrial house Micro Labs Ltd., which occupies one among the top 10 slots, amongst the pharmaceutical giants in this country with a combined direct employment of over 5,000 highly motivated employees.

Since its inception in 1995, Surana College has pursued an ambitious growth target as reflected by its predominant presence in education, both at the UG and PG levels. The advanced state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure at the PG Department, create an environment of learning and nurtures the academic activity. The ambience for learning is simply excellent.

Vision, Mission, Quality Policy


To be the educational institution of preferred choice by ushering convergence of knowledge, skills and values.


To Mould Character and Careers.

Quality Policy

“The Centre fuses expertise knowledge to deliver management & IT education to the fullest satisfaction of all its stakeholders”

Quality Objectives

  • To empower faculty in providing academic guidance & leadership.
  • To adopt the three dimensional approach and 360 degree learning modules for continuous improvement”


G.C. Surana

G.C. Surana

The tenet of Jain philosophy 'Service to Mankind' is basic to the functioning of the Surana Educational Institutions. The Jain doctrine believes in sound morals and establishment of close relationship between happiness and goodness. Jainism believes that the youth shall be made aware of, and alive to, the higher values of life and to a steadfast pursuit of these values.

It is his vision of providing various platforms for the youth to learn and imbibe the quality of service and leadership through which, they would be empowered to give back to society, whatever they owe.

Surana Experience

  • Even as one applies for an admission at the Surana College, there is a resonance established between the aspirant and the ambience here. On securing admission at Surana College, not only the student, but also the parents get a secured feeling of belongingness. As every entrant makes it to the campus, they will sense an aura of freedom coupled with responsibility.
  • Throughout the stay, every student will breathe an air of academics brimming with avenues and to rise to one’s full potential. The institution cares to conserve the fundamental values of life in the students and ensures they remain strong in tough times of their lives in future. The mentors, the counselors and the blessings of the veterans will all be of immense support to the learner. The value additions through industry-oriented inputs for the theoretical concepts assimilated in classroom interactions, prepare the student community for the challenges of the outside world. In campus competitive wind, participative opportunities and guidance for carving the future are constant phenomena at Surana College. Various platforms and clubs can very well be utilized by the student community.
  • The constant care by the management, goaded by the faculties and concerned care from the staff help students to groom themselves to a complete personality, later to be a responsible member of the society.
  • The relationship of the students with the institution doesn’t end even after they complete studies and move out. Our alumni are the true ambassadors of the institution. Their involvement through regular interaction with the existing students is an ongoing process.

Surana Advantage

  • We, at Surana College aim at 100% results in all the subjects with distinction.
  • We not only train our students with general education but we also train them with personality traits to fit themselves well, as an accepted member of the society.
  • We ensure students to be a closely knit community. Equal opportunity is provided for unequally abled and the economically deprived.
  • Emphasis is on instilling a secured feeling with the students on and off the campus. Morality and ethics are constantly engrained among the students to uphold balanced discipline.
  • A lot of free-ships, meritorious scholarships and other financial assistance is provided to the deserving students. Parent-Teacher relationship is encouraged for betterment of the students

Backed by Micro Labs

Micro Labs

Surana College, PG Department is not just an educational institution, but has the backing of Micro Labs, a pharmaceutical giant which holds the genesis of a corporate and true management culture.

In order to give back value to the society from which Micro Lab emerged, Surana College was started way back in 1995 with just 26 students. Today we have over 2500 quality students.

The hallmark of our college is that we are backed and guided by one of India’s most respected company, which has its business in over 40 countries worldwide. Very few colleges in India have such an advantage and privilege.

When such is the support and guiding energy, students get the real feel and aura that surrounds them of a true management college. To know more about Micro Labs, log on to

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